Casey: My trip to Niubeiliang


时间:2017-07-11 16:56:00

    Casey is the first foreign intern at DiscoverShaanxi. She comes from the USA in New York and is now studying Chinese at Shaanxi Normal University. Casey’s mother is Chinese, so she has a beautiful Chinese name “Chuping” (楚苹). Casey will be interning with DiscoverShaanxi for a month. During her time here she will share interesting things she sees in Xi’an, information that may be helpful to other expats living in Xi’an, or maybe even talk about culture shock from the US to China.Today Casey will share her hike on Niubeiliang Mountain:



  This past weekend I hiked Niubeiliang Mountain with several friends. I arrived with excitement and energy, and left with legs that still ache today when walking up the stairs.


  To get there we took a bus from the Xian train station directly to the mountain, taking about 1.5 hours and planned to sleep at a half-way point hostel at $100/night located conveniently on the trail. You can either take the cable car up the steep slope for $100, or engage in a 4-6 hour butt buster on foot. We chose the latter.


编辑: 张珂