Basit: Hope China Start high-speed service to Pak.


时间:2017-07-14 10:55:45

  Basit from Pakistan is now studying in Xi'an Northwestern Polytechnical University. Last week, he was invited by DiscoverShaanxi to join the maiden journey of the Bao-Lan high speed rail. About this trip, Basit has some of his own ideas to share.



  "First" has always held a special meaning in human life and history. First human being, first moon landing, first words, first love, first bone fracture etc. So, it is always a special feeling one has an opportunity to be in one as it was for me. On 9th of July 2017, I had an honor to embark on the maiden voyage of the newly built Bao-Lan high-speed rail trip.


编辑: 张珂