Shaanxi Puts Ad. Overseas to Boost Tourism


时间:2017-07-14 11:37:26


  The development of inbound tourism is the sign of regional openness and the level of tourism industry, and also the earliest and fastest developing market in the three major markets of tourism. As one of the international tourism hotspots, Shaanxi is one of the destinations for overseas tourists.



  To better publicize Shaanxi tourism and increase the exposure of Shaanxi tourism in overseas market, Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Commission put large number of advertisement in major tourist source countries, such as Korea, Japan, American and European countries. The number of tourist arrivals in Shaanxi was increasing yearly, and the total number of inbound tourism in 2016 was 3.382 million, and the international tourism income was 2.338 billion US dollars, which grew by 15.41% and 16.91% respectively in 2015.


编辑: 张珂