Shaanxi Lauched China Camping Industry Club


时间:2017-08-05 16:56:29



  China Camping Industry Summit Forum was held today at Qujiang International Convention and Conference Center. Director of Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission, Gaozhongyin, President of Shaanxi Self-driving, RV and Camping Association, Gui Bin and other representatives of the industry attended the meeting.

  旅游业作为中国国民经济的重要战略性支柱产业,中国已经全面进入了大众旅游新时代。房车旅游是发展速度快、消费潜力 巨大的领域。交通运输又是旅游业发展的基础支撑和先决条件。近年来,我国综合交通运输体系不断完善,交通运输和旅游融合发展已经成为旅游业转型发展的新趋势。

  Tourism industry has become an important strategic pillar industry of China's national economy as we have entered the new era of mass tourism. RV camping industry is an area with fast development speed and huge potential of consumption. And transportation is the basic support of tourism development. In recent years, the comprehensive transportation system of our country has been developed, the transportation and the tourism integration development has become the new trend of the tourism transformation.


  Gao Zhongyin also shared his opinion about RV camping industry: When I visited the United States last year, I saw many RVs in the parking lot of a national park. With a single parking pile, water and electricity is served to the RV. So I hope we have develop more camping grounds in Shaanxi, and yet to build the biggest camping park in China.


  China Camping Industry Club was also launched on this meeting. Gui Bin, President of Shaanxi Self-driving, RV and Camping Association said that he hopes to build a platform for better communication and to further promote the development of China's RV camping industry.

编辑: 沈奕