Basit: My Day at Tourism Expo


时间:2017-08-07 17:38:54


It was another unusually hot day in Xian. We have been getting a lot of them recently. So, it seems like a sensible choice if one wishes to endeavor on a journey to another place for a little while. Coincidentally, the Xian Tourism Expo 2017 was held which gave an opportunity to do just that.


  I reached the location of the event, the majestic Xian Quijiang Expo Center, at around 9:00AM to join my fellow partners from a different corner of the world, South America. I haven't had much chance in my life to meet someone from that part of the globe, so I was a little excited to meet them. Exceeding my expectations, the were a great bunch of people. Together we started to make our way towards the pavilions.


  The Exposition was divided into four pavilions. Each offering something different to the crowd and attendees. We started off from B1 pavilion, which offered Shaanxi's tourism and products. It makes sense to promote your region first before embarking on ahead. This pavilion was also the most crowded and had a great amount of hustling and bustling. Different cities had their exposition stalls trying their best to woo the crowd. There were also the travel agencies who had displayed their promotional packages and deals for the public for local and international traveling. As we made our way further inside the B1 pavilion, we got to have a close look into each region. A lot of cities had so much to offer, especially in terms of picturesque landscapes and produce. The culture of region also differs and is unique even though it is the same province. Some teased us with their mesmerizing performances and delightful products. I got to taste the Hanzhong rice, whose rice grain was surprisingly long and better quality in comparison to other Chinese rice. We spent a good chunk of time in this pavilion but much of the Expo still remained to be seen. So, we moved onto the next pavilion, B2.


  B2 Pavilion hosted exhibitions from other provinces of China as well as International tourism. I had a particular interest in visiting this pavilion as I had planned to visit Harbin in the coming winter and was hoping to discuss a possible tour plan. As soon as we entered we saw an exuberant exhibition by Indonesia and Hainan province. As I wandered around the pavilion I saw many different variety of exhibitions. From the subtle and soothing display by Czech Republic to the marvel display of Guandong. Each adding to its unique color to this Expo. The international exhibitions were few in number. Thailand's exhibition was particularly popular amongst the crowd, especially Phuket Island. The concessions offered for international tourism was high which attracted more crowd. Amongst the provincial exhibition, Jiangsu and Hainan's stood out. The team from Nanjing was well prepared and they managed to catch attention of the audience by their variety of products. Hainan's staff donned the Hawaiian and beach shirts and were accompanied by the reputation of having the most beautiful beaches in China. As I roamed around I kept adequate focus on my interest as well. To my disappointment, Heilongjiang didn't show up. So, I took a deep breath and decided to move on to B3.


  B3 Pavilion was for Hot Spring and Resorts. If someone wanted to escape the noise and hectic life to achieve some peace and nirvana, this was the place for them to visit. A number of different hotels and hot springs had displayed their exhibitions. This pavilion though was not very popular among the crowd as compared to the previous two. From Spas to Laser Skin treatment. From Hot Springs in the mountains to the serene resorts in the wilderness. This place had it all. Few of them also offered complimentary services. I got took an offer and reclined on a massage chair. For the next few minutes I was not on earth. But after coming back I realized there is still one more pavilion so I headed towards B4

  B3展馆是温泉旅游展馆。如果有人想暂时逃脱喧嚣和繁忙的生活, 以实现一些和平和放松,泡汤大概是最好的方式了。这是展馆不如B1和B2人多,但也给了我一种不一样体验。这里的温泉展示有室内温泉,还有在户外、山里的温泉,看起来都非常吸引人。我还在这里体验了一下按摩椅,要不是还想参观一下B4,我就坐这不走了。

  B4 was a sort of a unique pavilion in the Expo. This pavilion was for those who wished to take a Road Trip and RV Camping experience. This was my first time seeing a RV in a real life. I was quite impressed by it. It is literally a home on a road. For the Chinese as well, it was something new to them. So many families came here to see and experience firsthand what would it feel like touring on a RV. I didn't spend a lot of time in this pavilion though. As a foreigner, without a family and driver license etc. I looked like a fish out of water. But this pavilion, in my opinion, was the real innovation in the whole Expo. They managed to introduce something which is new or at least rare to China. So, it was an actual attempt to enter the niche tourism market.


  So, with all the pavilions and dealing done my day at Expo ended with a big smile and fond memories. These Expositions offer an equal platform for the new entrants in the industry to compete with the seasoned professionals. It also allows them to display their new ideas and innovations that can attract people. Besides a person get to meet different people and learn from them. You also get to have chance encounters like my friend had when he found a Chinese girl who can speak very good Spanish. I got to meet new people as well. So, all in all it was an absolutely delightful 2017 Xian Tourism Expo.



编辑: 张珂