The Adventures of Songhua

时间:2017-08-11 15:21:39

Hello everybody, I am a duck, born in a small village at the foot of Zhongnanshan.


I and a lot of brothers and sisters, was brought to the village called Xiangtai egg factory place.


After all of us were knocked over, we were put into a big tank, and then a khaki slurry was poured over us, and finally we were completely covered.


Suddenly one day, we were caught from the mud in the tank, that finally out of the sea of misery, did not expect, more long suffering is waiting for us ... ...

突然有一天,我们被人从缸中的泥浆中捞了出来,以为终于脱离苦海,没有想到,更漫长的煎熬正在等待着我们 ……

编辑: 张薇(实习)