Travel safety


时间:2017-08-30 10:06:28

China province of a wide range of more persistent heavy rain.These matters should be paid attention to


With the group to follow the tour guide command


Autumn is a good season for travel, but also when the rainy days, whether traveling by car or with the group travel, security issues are the most important


In case of self driving, you should call the police in time


Rainy season by car travel, should check the condition in advance, pay special attention to rain safety matters, suffered heavy rains, should leave as soon as possible, transferred to the safe area,In case the vehicle accidentally fell into the water, should immediately open the door to escape, encounter life-threatening situation in a timely manner to the police.


Attention should be paid to safety tips before traveling


If the local heavy rain, to listen to listen to radio and television mobile phone text messages, pay attention to travel safety information, master the weather and road traffic conditions, carefully planning travel itinerary.



编辑: 张薇(实习)