Part of Xi-Cheng High Speed Rail Tested

开通倒计时 西成高铁陕西段进入试运行

时间:2017-09-29 17:15:50

9.10 a.m on Sept 27, a multiple unit train departs from Xi’an North Railway Station and moves southward along Xi’an-Chengdu High Speed Railway, the first high speed railway to run through Qinling mountains. This marks the test runs on the section of Shanxi and lays a solid foundation for the official operation of Xi’an-Chengdu High Speed Railway.
Xi’an-Chengdu High Speed Railway passes by the most important North-south division of China geographically —— Qinling Mountains, which is unprecedented in the history of high speed railway. The route starts from Xi’an North Railway Station and goes through Guanzhong Plain, Qinling Mountains, Hanzhong Plain, and Bashan Mountains from north to south. As the railway rolls into Szechwan Basin, it connects with Chengjinle (Chengdu, Mianyang, and Leshan) Intercity Railway and eventually arrives at Chengdu East Railway Station.

Construction on Xi’an –Chengdu High Speed Railway started in October, 2012 and it is expected to open within this year. Transport between the two cities will be shortened significantly from 16 hours to 3 hours.



编辑: 张珂