Event "Travel to Know Shaanxi" Launched

时间:2017-10-13 18:30:14


  Today Oct 13th, the press conference and launch ceremony of "Travel to Know The Starting Point of Silk Road My Second Home, Shaanxi" sponsored by Shaanxi Tourism Development Commission and organized by "DiscoverShaanxi" in was held in Shaanxi Tourism Development Commission. Mengbaomin, the official spokesman of Shaanxi Tourism Development Commission, Jianjun, chief editor of CNWEST, and international students from Northwestern Polytechnic University and Shaanxi Normal University addressed the event.


  To further implement the strategic target of "transforming Shaanxi into international high standard cultural tourism center" put forward by the 13th Shaanxi Party Congress, to take advantage of the starting point of the ancient Silk Road and human ecology, to improve exposure rate in Shaanxi travel market by taking high-quality route and focusing on remaking " Four Tourist Attractions" - The Tourist Corridor in the start of Silk Road, Human Ecology Holiday Circles in Qinling Mountain", Yellow River Tourism Belt, and Yan'an Red Tourism, Shaanxi Tourism Development Commission and "DiscoverShaanxi" launched a series of travel activities for thousands of international students in 2017, on the theme of "Travel to Know The Starting Point of Silk Road My Second Home, Shaanxi". The whole event will last for one year.

编辑: 张珂