“Shaanxi in My Eyes” Photo Exhibition

时间:2017-10-18 17:53:59



  Oct 17th, "Shaanxi in My Eyes" Photo Exhibition Opening Ceremony, sponsored by Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department along with International Communication Office of Shaanxi Provincial Committee and organized by "DiscoverShaanxi" , was held in Qujiang Bookstore. An Guangwen, deputy director of Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Provincial Party Propaganda Office and Rao Jianjun, chief editor of CNWEST addressed the event.



  This exhibition is a collaboration between "DiscoverShaanxi" and "DingGe" App, in order to present a brand new Shaanxi image, combining history and future, tradition and fashion in harmony. Seven foreign photographers living in Shaanxi for a long time from Ukraine, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Korea, and Germany were invited. With cameras, they snapshot fragments of daily life in Shaanxi and share their unique stories.

编辑: 张珂