Everlasting Regret VS Panama

《长恨歌》2017收官演出 “洋贵妃”献“彩蛋”

时间:2017-11-02 17:53:52


  On October 31st, "Everlasting Regret" had its ending show of 2017. This year's ending show was special because of an international concubine, Xinrui.



  Xinrui was an international student at Shaanxi Normal University, she is from Kazakhstan. She participated in the campaign "Searching for Lady Yang" organized by Huaqing Palace and DicoverShaanxi channel. Before this campaign, Xinrui did not know anything about this part of Chinese history or the love of the story of Xuanzong and Lady Yang. Now she is half an expert of Tang culture and history. "The tang style dance is quite different from what we have in Kazakhstan, slower in pace, more smooth and gentle." said Xinrui.


编辑: 张珂