Intl Students Learn Guanzhong Culture

时间:2017-11-03 16:40:53



  Oct 21st, 15 international students from Northwestern Polytechnic University, Shaanxi Normal University, and Xi'an International Studies University, began the journey of "Travelling to know The Starting Point of Silk Road My Second Home, Shaanxi" sponsored by Shaanxi Tourism Development Commission and organized by "DiscoverShaanxi". As the first members, they visited and experienced Yuan Village in Xian Yang, which marked the beginning of this event. The 15 students from the USA, Japan, Korea, and Central Asia gained insight of "GuanZhong Impression" area where rural culture and city culture are combined tightly, and witnessed the dramatic changes of Yuan Village, a characteristic tourist town.



  The plain and elegant ally, lining stores and workshops; the Vinegar shop "WuWeiZhai", sending forth a delicate fragrance from the bottles of craft vinegar; the flour mill "WuFuTang", filled with cheerful tourists grinding white flour with stone ground; the cloth store "YongTaiHe", sitting an old lady weaving cloth carefully; the oil press "DeRuiHeng", presenting an oil-extracted machine made of aged wood; the drug store "TongShunTang", perfuming the air with medicines; archaistic quartzite and architecture of Ming and Qing dynasties also locating along the road, These are the scenery of Yuan Village. Arranged by "DiscoverShaanxi", students also experienced the ancient loom. Especially Martin from the United States, he learned quickly and operated like a proficient loomer.

编辑: 张珂