Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair

时间:2017-11-07 17:36:38


    On November 6th, CNWEST organized 20 international students from Northwest A & F University as observers to attend the fair, for promoting Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair to all over the world through these students' social media platform.


  9:30am, all the international students came to the International exhibition hall to search for their home country's booth. All these students are majoring in agriculture and finance, so they were attracted by the various kinds of agriculture products on the exhibition. They went around the hall and asked for the detailed information of each product.


  "Seeing the Pakistan booth on the exhibition makes me feel really proud", Dingxi from Pakistan said with a handmade wool scarf in his hand, "my mother can make this as well".

  "在农高会上看到我们国家的展馆,我感觉非常亲切。"来自巴基斯坦的留学生丁西站在自己国家的展位前,捧着手工编织的羊毛围巾说, "我妈妈也会编织这样的围巾。"

  Mahe from Kazakhstan was impressed by the "One Belt One Road" exhibition hall. He was so excited to introduce the farm products from his home country to his friends.


编辑: 张珂