Intl Students Experiencing Farm Work


时间:2017-11-14 10:58:59


  The green onions in Huazhou is famous for its big size and juicy taste. With the help of local farmers, international students learnt how to dig into the earth to pick up the green onions. Although it is a first experience for them, but they seem pretty familiar with the work and learnt fast. Abdurahman from Tajikistan like this activity a lot, and he was pretty happy with all the green onions he picked up.



  Done with the farm work, the students went to a local famrer's house. Here is the home for Lu Huiling, a 76 years old lady who has the most authentic technique of making artistic steamed bread. The students were attracted by the handmade bread upon entering the house. Their task is to learn how to make the bread. Natalie from Russia got the best reviews with her handmade bread. She is very interested in Chinese culture and is learning erhu in her spare time.

  在地里干完了农活,一行人又来到了一户村民家中,这里住着76岁老人芦会玲。留学生们要在家里学习芦会玲的独门手艺--花馍。花馍是中国民间面塑品,也称"面花" 。一进门,留学生们就被各式各样的花馍所吸引,对于这些造型可爱的东西居然能吃,他们觉得很不可思议。来自俄罗斯的娜塔莉是一个心灵手巧的姑娘,她捏的刺猬得到了大家的一直称赞。娜塔莉是西安外国语大学俄汉翻译专业的研究生,她对中国文化非常感兴趣,目前还在学习二胡。她握着手里自己捏的刺猬花馍说:"还是有点不好看,需要多练习。"

编辑: 张珂