Travel to Chenlu & Explore Yao Porcelain

《丝绸之路起点 我的第二故乡》第四站:探索耀瓷之旅

时间:2017-11-28 17:16:45

  11月25日,《丝绸之路起点 我的第二故乡》第四站从西安出发,去往铜川市的陈炉古镇,来自西安交通大学、陕西师范大学、西工大等14名外国留学生一起感受了铜川陈炉古镇的风土人情。此次参与活动的留学生分别来自俄罗斯、乌兹别克斯坦、哈萨克斯坦、黎巴嫩等国家,他们一起深入了解陈炉古镇的耀瓷文化,探索传承1000多年来古陶瓷烧造的魅力。

  Nov 25 th, "Travel to Know the Starting Point of Silk Road, My Second Home, Shaanxi" started from Xi'an to Chenlu ancient town in Tong Chuan city, the 4th station. 14 international students from Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shaanxi Normal University, and Northwestern Polytechnic University experienced conditions and customs of the ancient town. Coming from countries such as Russia, Uzbekistan, kasakhstan, and Lebanon, these students looked into culture of Yaozhou porcelain and explored the firing process of ceramic originating 1000 years ago.


  走进陈炉,映入眼帘的是层层叠起丘陵地貌,如今的陈炉古镇人依然住窑洞,靠手工制陶作坊养家糊口,其烧造陶瓷的炉火1000多年来灼灼不息,形成 "炉山不夜"的独特美景,是古潼关八景之一。

  What jumped into views were layers of hilly landforms when arrived at Chenlu ancient town. Local people still live in the cave dwellings and support their family by pottery making. The fire never dies out for almost 1000 years, which enjoys the laudatory title of "Sleepless Lushan" and "Ancient Tongguan views" as one of the eight scenes of ancient Tongguan.

编辑: 张珂