Food You Must Have in Winter of Xi’an


时间:2017-12-12 17:05:40

  糖炒栗子 (Marrons Glaces)


  糖炒栗子,呈深棕色,油光锃亮,皮脆易剥,香甜可口。在初冬的西安,手里拿着一袋糖炒栗子, 既可以促进脂肪代谢,又可以养胃健脾。但是注意不要吃多哦,吃多了容易胀肚。

  Marrons Glaces are brown and oily, which tastes sweet and delicious. In the winter, holding a bracket of Marrons Glaces contributes to digestion. But don't eat too much at one time, or your stomach will be uncomfortably distended.

编辑: 张珂