Battle of the Top 9 Museums in China


时间:2017-12-14 16:55:11

  Are you a history & culture buzz? Lately a cultural TV show named National Treasure made its debut on China Central TV and hit screens.



  What is this National Treasure?



  As a cultural variety show, this program is dedicated to showcase the background stories and mystery of national treasures. The top 9 museums of China including Beijing Palace Museum and Shaanxi History museum joined the show. Each of the museum will present 3 representative collections. At last, 9 out of the 27 collections will be selected by audience for the eventual exhibition at the Palace Museum.



  Each treasure in the show will be presented by "national treasure keepers" acted by Chinese celebrities, to tell their stories and interpret their historical mystery.


  This is the first time for cultural variety show to be presented in such a large scale with so many celebrities and a quite different form.


编辑: 张珂