What’s Fun in January,2018


时间:2017-12-29 16:19:09

  With the New Year coming soon, there are several great New Year concerts and shows in Xi'an. Below is a collection of concerts, exhibitions as well as shows of January. Check these out.




  2018 New Year Concert by Philharmonic Orchestra


  Philharmonic Orchestra organized in 1970 is considered as the most brilliant orchestra in Italy. Now it is in the leading position of classic music in Europe and even in the world.


  Time: Jan 1st of 2018, Monday, 19:30-21:00

  时间: 2018年01月01日 周一 19:30-21:00

  Add: Xi'an Concert Hall, Yan'nan 1st road, Qujiang new district

  地点: 曲江新区雁南一路 西安音乐厅

  Fare: 280rmb-880rmb

  费用: 280 - 880元


  New Year Concert by Vienna Voice of Spring Symphony Orchestra


  The Vienna Voice of Spring Symphony Orchestra consists of many brilliant performers in the world.


  Time: 19:30-21:30 of Jan 7th, 2018

  时间: 2018年01月07日 周日 19:30-21:30

  Add: Xi'an Qujiang Auditorium (3F of Xi'an Qujiang international convention center)

  地点: 西安曲江大礼堂(西安曲江国际会议中心三楼)

  Fare: 80-680rmb

  费用: 80 - 680元

编辑: 张珂