How Other Countries Celebrate Lunar New Year


时间:2018-02-08 11:27:02

Chinese spring festival, also known as Lunar New Year, has over 4000 years of history. Many people in the world believe that China is the only country celebrating spring festival as a national holiday. While in fact, there are a lot of other countries also celebrate this festival, which even many Chinese don't know. For example, many countries in Southeast Asia have been conducting spring festival celebrations for many years. In addition, growing number of European and American countries began to organize festivities annually.




As a neighbor country to China, spring festival traditions in Vietnam are very much alike in China, for instance, hanging colorful lanterns and putting up couplets. Besides, thanks to the warm climate, Vietnam has a unique spring festival tradition as having flower fairs.




There are many Chinese in Thailand, estimated to be 8.5 million, most of which are immigrates. Although spring festival is not a statutory holiday in Thailand, they have conducted celebrations for many years. Now with the increasing number of Chinese tourists, spring festival is gaining attention in Thailand. The streets are decorated with red lanterns and beautiful lights.


编辑: 张珂