Looking for the Best Town Name in Shaanxi

陕西地名文化宣传活动正式启动 寻找全省“最美地名”

时间:2018-02-08 19:11:33


  On February 8th, the launching ceremony of “My Renowned Hometown” —— naming culture of towns in Shaanxi promotion activity, organized by Shaanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department and CNWEST, was held in Xi’an. Gao Juhui, deputy director of Shaanxi provincial civil affairs department, Zhou Long, sub-inspector of Shaanxi Internet Information Office, Kang Sufang from Shaanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department, Liu Xiaobin, deputy general manager of CNWEST and Yu Gengzhe, professor of Shaanxi Normal University attended the event.



  To better promote and fully demonstrate our time-honored naming culture of towns in Shaanxi, Shaanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department will collect ten sorts of naming stories of towns throughout the whole province, including the most ancient, the most traditional, the most ecological, the most inspirational, the most uncommon and the most humorous one, etc.. The activity will last from February 8th to June 30th.


  It is reported that the collection is limited to the name of towns in Shaanxi. The collection of manuscripts is mainly in form of words, pictures need to be attached with source. All the works should be healthy and positive. Fabricating, plagiarizing or infringing others’ copyright or portraiture right are not allowed.

  Those who are interested in can download the application form on the internet and send your completed application form together with your manuscripts to the email (tqjljym@163.com). The organizer will select one to three outstanding works for each sort of naming stories of towns and give awards when the activity comes to an end.
  Yu Gengzhe, professor of Shaanxi Normal University said that town names that convey the national spiritual culture, is an important part of people’s collective historical memory. The change of town names often reflects the changes of history and promotes economic or political development. The activity can arouse our memory of history to some extent, at the same time it can also recall our homesickness, which is very meaningful.


编辑: 张珂