Intl Students Learn Qin & Tang Culture

留学生打卡临潼 感受秦唐两朝文化标志

时间:2018-03-14 16:53:30

The weekend trip event "Starting point of Silk Road, my second home town, Shaanxi" organized by Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission has received widespread social attention since its launch, and drew great attention of international students in Xi'an. On March 11th, 12 international students from the Xi'an Jiaotong University, Chang'an University and Xi'an Northwestern Polytechnical University joined the weekend trip to Lintong to explore the beauty of the terracotta warriors and Huaqing Palace, the imperial palace in Tang dynasty.

由陕西省旅游发展委员会主办,为期一年的"丝绸之路起点 我的第二故乡--千名外国留学生体验陕西旅游系列交流活动"自启动之日起,便受到了社会的广泛关注,外国留学生们积极报名并参与其中。3月11日,来自西安交通大学、长安大学、西北工业大学三所高校的12名国外留学生来到西安临潼,探索千年秦俑与盛世唐朝华清宫的魅力。


After an hour's drive from Xi'an, the international students arrived at the Terra-cotta warriors museum, known as the "Eighth Wonder of the World". At the No.1 exhibition hall, which is also the largest one of all the three exhibition halls, students were shocked by the marvelous terracotta soldiers and started to take photos immediately. Bilal from Pakistan will to return to his country in June, out of his love of Shaanxi, where he has been living for four years, he took a lot of photos to record this trip.


编辑: 张珂