Voice Translator Apps That Actually Work

时间:2018-03-14 17:31:33

As the new semester starts, many new international students come to Xi'an. Considering language is usually the biggest problem when living in a new country, we collected several voice translator apps of great accuracy and efficiency. Hope this could help you out!


iTranslate Voice


iTranslate offers great voice-to-voice real-time translations for both IOS and Android devices. About 42 languages translation service is provided. This also gives you text-to-speech translations and a personalized phrasebook.

iTranslate Voice 是一款由 Sonico GmbH 推出的同声传译 App,你只需对着手机说话,它就能将你说的话或是别人说的话,如同聊天的方式立即转换成 42 种语言中的任何一种。支持文本--语音翻译转换。遇到常用的短语、句子或问题,你还可以直接添加在「常用语手册」,以后不需要再次说话就可以立即将它们翻译成的相应的目标语言,非常方便。

Microsoft Translator 微软翻译


Its real-time conversation mode makes it easier to have conversations with Chinese speakers (and other languages), and its accuracy and efficiency are second to none. You can even have a conversation with several people using different languages, all at the same time. You can also download languages to translate offline later.


编辑: 张珂