How to Start Business in Xi'an


时间:2018-04-12 16:18:45

Supportive policies provided in Beilin district


Enterprise settled in Beilin University?based Innovative Industrial District enjoys different supportive policies depends on different cases, for example:


Rent and tax reduction for enterprises started by university students;


Reward for patented products.


Where is this Beilin University?based Innovative Industrial District? And what maker spaces settled here?



It locates in Xi'an innovative design center, 69 west section of south 2nd ring road. A bunch of maker spaces as Tencent Maker space, Microsoft and Mobile Applications Incubator, Shaanxi Youth Startup Union and Hongtaidacheng Maker space, Xi'an Sichuangyi Incubator, Zhijian Maker space, Niba Maker space, DEMO++ and Life&Art have already settled here.


This Beilin University?based Innovative Industrial District is the largest national maker space in west China and ranked 15 on the list of standard maker spaces of China in 2016.


编辑: 张珂