Places around Xi’an to Enjoy Spring


时间:2018-04-17 09:31:39

Recently we’ve been asked a lot about where to have a spring outing in this season, so we collect some info and made this guide, check this out.


Qinling National Botanical Park



Qinling national botanical park is the exclusive botanical park of national level in China, and the largest in the world (639km²) with the most organized vegetation zones. It locates between the boundary of subtropical zone and warm-temperate zone, covers five different landscapes. The altitude ranges from 480m to 3000m.

秦岭国家植物园是全国唯一一家“国”字号植物园,也是目前世界上面积最大(639平方公里), 植被分带最清晰的植物园。地处亚热带和暖温带分界线,园区海拔从480米延伸至3000米,由北向南依次为平原、丘陵、低山、中山和高山五种地貌单元,形成了一个完整的立体生态系统。


It is also with rich biodiversity. There are 1235 kinds of plants, 62 species of vertebrates as golden monkey, takin and trout, 400 species of fern, fungus and moss as well as diversified insects and butterflies.


Add: Zhouzhi county, 60km away from downtown Xi’an.


Ticket: 70rmb/adult in busy season (March 16th to Oct 31st); 50rmb/adult in slack season.


Transport guide: Take Huanshan tourism bus line 1 at the south square of Dayan pagoda, get off at Qinling National Botanical Park Station.


编辑: 张珂