Bai Luyuan: I found the Shaanxi in My Imagination


时间:2018-04-19 17:07:33



Bai Luyuan(Chinese name) from Turkey came to China to study four months ago. Because of the busy study, she had no time to see around Shaanxi. Living in Xi'an made her feel that she was not in the ancient capital, but the trip to Hancheng gave her a new experience.


Before arriving in Shaanxi, her impressions of Xi'an come from movies. Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi Province, was a civilized ancient capital with the same reputation as Rome, and had a long history and splendid culture. And there should be Chinese traditional buildings everywhere in her mind. However, when she came to Xi'an, everything is different. Xi'an is a modern metropolis just like Beijing, Shanghai and other cities in China.



To find the Shaanxi in her mind, Bai Luyuan and his brother came to Hancheng. She found the real Shaanxi in her heart when she saw the Temple of Sima Qian and Dang Village.

编辑: 张珂