Hainan Issues Visa-Free Policy


时间:2018-04-20 17:18:54


Hainan Island lies at the southern tip of China, it is the second largest island in China. It is famous for its beautiful tropical scenery and fresh air. Recently Hainan province launched a new policy against foreigners:


A press conference held by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security on April 18th said that approved by the Chinese State Council, Hainan province will launch a free-visa access to 59 countries starting from May 1st.



Hainan island lies in a region at 18°9'-20°11' northern latitude and 108°36'-111°03' eastern longitude, between the tropical and sub-tropical areas. Haikou is the capital city of Hainan Province, Sanya is the most famous tourism city of Hainan.


Hainan island is close to Hong Kong in the east and Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines in the south. All the above countries and territories can be reached in a one to four hour flight from Hainan. If you fly from Xi’an, it takes about 3 hours to reach Sanya, Hainan.

编辑: 张珂