Bai Zhenguo: China's Spiritual Home, Yan'an


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Yan’an is located in northern Shaanxi, in the midstream of the Yellow River and the middle south loess plateau. Its location is where the Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor is, it is also the starting point of the Chinese revolution, as well as a sacred place of the nation and the Chinese revolution. The Yellow River, China’s mother river, also flows through the Yan’an. This time, for Bai Zhenguo, Yan’an is the most important station of the journey across the highway along the Yellow River.


Bai Zhenguo has been living in Shaanxi for six years, Yan’an is another city he knows well besides Xi’an. He has been to the Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor, Zaoyuan and the Yang Jialing before, so he has had his own understandings about Yan’an. This time, by this journey, he hopes to re-recognize Yan’an, the China’s spiritual home.


The Yellow River Shaped Chinese Characters



The Yellow River enters Yan’an from Ma Jiaqian Village, Yan Cha Temple, Yanchuan County, Yan’an City, and it leaves Yan’an through Hou’er Chuan, Yichuan County. Its length is 183km. The Yellow River formed two famous natural views called Qiankun Bay and Hukou Waterfalls.


Bai Zhenguo said that the Qiankun Bay is similar to Bayanbulak in Xinjiang. Although the surrounding landform and plants are different, the Yellow River flows through both places and shows the wonderfulness of the nature.

编辑: 张珂