Intl Students Explore Royal Mausoleums

留学生探寻历代君王陵墓 开启历史文化之旅

时间:2018-04-23 17:43:35



On 20th. April, a dozen international students from XJTU, NWU and other two universities took part in the “Travel to Know My Second Home, The Starting point of the Silk Road, Shaanxi” travel series which was hosted by Shaanxi Tourism Development Commission and Discover Shaanxi. This time, we went to Qian Mausoleum and Yang Mausoleum of Han Dynasty to explore the history and cultures of ancient emperors on the lands of treasure where buried emperors.



Sohaib is from Pakistan, he is very interested in the buildings of Qian Mausoleum. He said that he was attracted by the cultures of Han & Tang dynasties before he came to China. He was so excited to be here to see the emperor’s mausoleum. He also created his own pose to take photos with stone figurines.

编辑: 张珂