A Way to Visit Historical Places


时间:2018-04-25 11:47:42



Northwest University Xian, China/西北大学

DiscoverShaanxi is a channel of Xian who arranges events for international Students from different countries to explore historical places of China. This time we were with them to visit different places of Xianyang. I want to say something about my experience about those places.


Tomb of Emperor Tang Gaozng



This is a must see if you are interested in Chinese history especially on Tang Dynasty. This mausoleum was built in 684 AD. It is the joint tomb of the third Tang Emperor Gaozong and his Empress Wu Zetian. The latter later became the first and only female emperor in China and started the second Zhou Dynasty. The Spirit Way walk toward the tomb (a 800 meters mountain to be exact) is lined with stone guardian statues on both side.


编辑: 张珂