A Way to Visit Historical Places


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You also get to see 61 stone statues (most without their heads) of foreign delegates paying their respects to the late Emperor Gaozong. Another interesting feature of the mausoleum is the „wordless‟ stele built to commemorate the „achievements‟ of Wu Zetian. The mountain tomb has not been excavated. You can also hike up the mountain. Do be careful when you are nearing the top section as it is pretty steep in some sections and have smooth rocks. You will be rewarded with an excellent view of the villages below although there is nothing much else to see up there. Alternatively, you can ride horses with guides up the mountain (you do not get to the top on these horses though). The tickets to enter Qianling mausoleum complex also allows you to visit other satellite tombs - for example, the excavated tombs of Prince Zhanghuai and Princess Yontai. There, you will be able to see the interesting wall murals, potteries and of course, the stone caskets.


Tomb of Emperor Jingdi (Hanyangling)



What an awesome experience. Very quiet, with very few tourists this underground museum is a place you must visit when visiting Xi'an. The miniature warriors are fascinating and I like the way you walk over them on the glass floor. Because it was so quiet I could particularly lie on the floor to get photos and a closer look! It is so interesting to compare the difference between these doll sized statues and the big ones. I love that they haven't moved them from original positions and some of the partly unearthed ones are almost creepy! The animal display is amazing! The grounds are not as exciting, (except seeing all the outlines of the excavated pits around the mound was pretty interesting) although the map does show you their historical significance.


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