Travel to Know Shaanxi, I learnt a Lot

陕西旅游正当时 留学生们争相点赞

时间:2018-05-02 16:25:40


4月28日下午,《发现陕西》英文频道举办了第四次线下旅行分享会,吸引了近40位外国留学生到场。旅行分享会是陕西省旅游发展委员会组织的“丝绸之路起点 我的第二故乡”千名留学生体验陕西旅游系列交流活动的一个分支活动,邀请参加过周末游的陕西留学生们在会上与观众分享自己的旅行见闻,从外国人的视角感受陕西的另一面。

The fourth sharing session of “Travel to Know My Second Home, The Starting Point of The Silk Road, Shaanxi” was held at Swallow Café. About 40 international students attended the session and 6 of them shared their travel with DiscoverShaanxi.



Uzair from Pakistan was the first one to share his experience at the Yellow Emperor Sacrificing Ceremony. Uzair has been in Xi’an for more than 2 years, he has also visited 27 cities in China which includes Weinan, Tongchuan, Yan’an and Baoji in Shaanxi province. It was the first time for Uzair to participating in a traditional ceremony in China and he thinks that it was a great opportunity. “It was a great opportunity for young people like me to learn more about the local culture and history.” Uzair said that through the sacrificing ceremony he understood the respect for ancestors and the inheritance of tradition of Chinese nation.

编辑: 张珂