India-Shaanxi Innovation Centre in Xi'an


时间:2018-05-04 10:41:07


The Global Innovation Index 2017 (GII), gave a ranking of ‘22’ to China and ‘60’ to India. GII provides a key tool and a rich database of detailed metrics for economies, which in 2016 encompassed 130 economies, representing 92.8% of the world’s population and 97.9% of global GDP


In GII 2016 in middle income group of countries, China and India are leaders. As per GII 2017, China is among global top 10 for providing human resources in Maths & science. And India is among global top 10 for providing human resources in Engineering& science.


As per GII 2017, China is number one in high tech export in knowledge output domain. And India is number one in ICT service exports in knowledge output domain


The State Council of China has issued a national scientific and technological innovation plan in a bid to build China into an innovative country and a scientific and technological power. Based on the idea that innovation is the prime development driving force, the plan is a blueprint designed for technological innovation development during the period of the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020). China has witnessed major developments in technology improvements, such as manned space flights and lunar probes, manned deep-sea submersible, deep earth exploration, super computers and quantum communication. The plan urged to play the key leading role of scientific and technological innovation in uplifting the industries to the medium- and high-end, developing new growth drivers, expanding new development space, improving development quality and efficiency. The plan called efforts to accelerate the implementation of major national scientific and technological projects and launch the scientific and technological innovation 2030 project. With qualified patents exceeded one million last year, China become the third country after the United States and Japan to join the world's million patent club.


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