Intl Students Visit NanGong Mount. and YingHu


时间:2018-05-16 17:38:29



On May 14th., nine international students from NWPU and SNU, as well as the foreigners living in Xi’an took part in the series event of “Travelling to know The Starting Point of Silk Road, My Second Home, Shaanxi”which was hosted by Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission and Discover Shaanxi. This time, we went to Ankang City to visit NanGong Mountain National Forest Park with nice views and the YingHu Lake Scenic Spot. Ankang City is located in southeast Shaanxi, north to Qinling Mountains, south to Ba Mountain, the magnificent Han River runs through the whole city. Due to its location, Ankang is also named “the backyard garden of Xi’an”.



The first station of Ankang trip is NanGong Mountain National Forest Park, which is located in the Langao County, Ankang City. It is 71kms away from Ankang City. NanGong Mountain is well-known for the imperishable body of Hongyi master and the virgin forest with secondary condition. The whole mountain is covered by the virgin secondary forest. The natural landscape is very attractive and the weather is so comfortable. International students was shocked by the uncanny workmanship at once!

编辑: 张珂