Intl Students Visit Ankang


时间:2018-05-16 17:38:29


一路上,大家有说有笑地欣赏着秀丽的森林风貌,一边感叹着中国自然风光的完整,一边探索着山林中自己的国家所没有的罕见植物和小昆虫。到达半山腰的“云中净土,世间桃源”观景台时,大家被眼前一望无际的“山海”所震撼,来自土耳其的银龙说:“ 这样的景色简直就是天堂的缩影,难以言表,就是那样十足的美.”

On the way to the top of the mountain, everybody was not only amazed by how complete Chinese natural views are, but also explored the rare plants and insects they’ve never seen before. When we reached the “the pure land in the sky, the land of peace and happiness in the world” viewing platform, everyone was touched by the endless mountains. Yinlong comes from Turkey and he said: “Such views just like the paradise, I can’t describe it by using any words, its beauty is beyond expressions.”



International students expected to walk on the glass skywalk most. They couldn’t help trying sky walking. Shah from Pakistan even lay on the glass skywalk without any fear, and he took a selfie of that moment. He said that he was so excited that time, that was a beautiful moment of his life, and he didn’t feel afraid, he enjoyed it very much.

编辑: 张珂