Intl Students Visit Ankang


时间:2018-05-16 17:38:29



Although there was a long way to climb, the students from different countries encouraged each other. Finally, everybody climbed to the top of the mountain together, and we saw a Avalokitesvara statue on the very steep cliff. International students were so excited to see this kind of uncanny workmanship that they took lots of pictures to remember that moment. Ani from Armenia said:“My impressions are indescribable, with a magnificent view from the height. I am very grateful to the Discover Shaanxi for the opportunity.”



On our way down, Wasiq from Pakistan although had leg injury, he still stuck to keep with the pace of others, and he encouraged everyone who wanted to give up. He said: “I’m brave, and everyone should be brave, we all have to finish what we should do. Thanks to Discover Shaanxi. It was well planned and well-managed trip. We enjoyed every single moment of this fantastic trip. Thank you all for this, and I do hope many more to come this year.”

编辑: 张珂