Intl Students Visit Ankang


时间:2018-05-16 17:38:29



The Yinghu Lake is the second station of our Ankang trip. Yinghu Lake is located in southwest Ankang, 16kms away from the city. It is the biggest freshwater lake of five provinces in northwest China, it is also the important water source of the middle route project of the south-to-north water transfer project. International students all expected to take the boat on the lake and enjoy the riverside scenery on the islands. After putting on the life jackets, international students took photos on the boat excitedly.



Beautiful Sami is from Pakistan, and she took plenty of photos during the trip, no matter in the NanGong Mountain or on the Yinghu Lake, Sami always observed the special landscapes along the road. During the chatting, Sami said that she was a teacher in Pakistan, but she needed to find something to enrich her life in China, Discover Shaanxi provided her such a funny chance to know and to see the beautiful views in Shaanxi. Both of Ani and Sami posted their photos on their Instagram accounts. Every international student is willing to make more of their friends to discover Shaanxi, and to see the magnificent rivers and mountains of China.


编辑: 张珂