The Spectacular Mount Hua


时间:2018-05-22 09:36:41

Climbing in Shaanxi is a great experience, given that Shaanxi is blessed with abundant mountain resources, for example, the Qinling Mountains. About millions of years ago, there was a stratum rapture at the area of the north Qinling mountains. The continues sinking produced the central Shaanxi basin. The south part kept rising and formed into the Qinling Mountains, with Mount Taibai, Mount Cuihua, Mount Zhongnan and Mount Hua ranging from the west to the east.



Among all these mountains above, Mount Hua is the most reputed one in Shaanxi and even in China for its precipitous crags and a high mountain range. It is one of the Five Great Mountains in China, connecting Qinling Mountains in the south as well as Yellow river and Weihe river in the north.


Five great mountains in China: Mount Tai in Shandong the east China, Mount Hua in Shaanxi the west China, Mount Heng(衡) in Hu’nan the south China, Mount Heng(恒) in Shanxi the north China and Mount Song in He’nan the mid China


编辑: 张珂