Intl Students Visited Huangling Forest Park


时间:2018-05-28 17:52:43



On May 25th., nine international students from XJTU, NWPU, Chang’an University and XISU took part in the series event of “Travelling to know The Starting Point of Silk Road, My Second Home, Shaanxi”which was hosted by Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission and Discover Shaanxi. This time, we went to Huangling National Forest Park. Huangling National Forest Park is 40km away from the southwestern Huangling County, north Shaanxi, it covers a very large area of 43,580,000 sqm. The theme of the park is mainly about the culture of Yellow Emperor. The weather is steady there all the year round, the climate is also pleasant, it is absolutely a good place to take a vacation.



There is 15mins-walking after getting into the park, 13 lakes along the footpath, these lakes in different sizes are called Nian Zhu Lake(念珠湖). These lakes represent the Buddha Beads surrounds the Zi’E Temple at the top of the mountain. Nian Zhu Lake just like Buddha Beads, which could bless the strong incense inside the temple, and bless this area’s safety.

编辑: 张珂