Wonderful Ankang Trip of Sameeah


时间:2018-06-01 15:26:58

My name is Sameeah Noreen Hameed. I love doing painting and photography. I am a Teacher by profession. I am a mom of a handsome boy recently came to China few months back from Pakistan.


I never thought one day, I'll get the privilege to travel this place called 'Ankang, China'. Such a beauty it is that one cannot describe it just in words. It was a two-day trip. On the first day we hike up to Mt. Nangong (南宫山), it is widely known as the resting place for an esteemed Buddhist monk in the nation.



I hope picture would do some justice but you got to be there to feel the fresh air, chirping of birds, rhythm of flowing water and calmness of Nan Gong mountain. 


编辑: 张珂