Tom&Jerry also Speak Shaanxi Dialect

陕西俚语教你说| 第三弹

时间:2018-06-11 10:51:55

When talking about Shaanxi and Xi’an, the first things come into your head might be the history and culture of the Thirteen Dynasties, the spectacular scenes of the Terracotta Warriors, the melodious bells of the Bell Tower and the majestic Dayan Pagoda.


However, in addition to the things above mentioned, Shaanxi also has some different sides that you may find interesting. I guess you are all familiar with the cartoon “Tom & Jerry”, but have you watched the Shaanxi dialect version of “Tom & Jerry”?

然而,拥有丰富历史文化底蕴的陕西和西安,也有大家想象不到的一面。今天,小编提起的这个动画片,想必国内外的朋友们一定都是耳熟能详的,那就是--《猫和老鼠》。但是外国的朋友们,你们见过说着陕西方言的Tom 和 Jerry吗?

编辑: 张珂