Gulbanu:Interesting Huangling Trip


时间:2018-06-12 17:01:31


Hello everyone, I’m Gulbanu Abdigappar (Ge Ge) from Kazakhstan. I’m studying in Xi’an International Studies University. This time, I went to visit Huangling National Forest Park with DiscoverShaanxi.



China is not only an ancient country with thousands-of-years history in our mind, it also has a large territory that ranked No.3 in the world. There are also beautiful forest and prairies, as well as the abundant history and civilizations. We are always attracted by the scenery and cultures of each province in China, Huangling National Forest Park is one of them. In order to show the beauty of China, DiscoverShaanxi tourism project gave me this chance to discover Shaanxi. I’m very exited now, follows are my impressions of Huangling National Forest Park:

编辑: 张珂