Li Wei:My Huashan Trip


时间:2018-06-25 11:09:36


My name is Li Wei, I’m from Peru. Now I’m majoring in business administration in Chang’an University. When I just came to China, I heard that there are lots of scenic spots and historical sites in China, one of them is the famous Mount. Hua. All of my friends suggested me to visit Mount. Hua, but I don’t know how to get there actually.


我的一位朋友告诉我Discover Shaanxi在组织去留学生去华山旅行。当时我感觉非常兴奋,由于我知道这个地方是远足最理想的地方,即使去华山的距离非常长,也值得去那儿。

One day, one of my friends told me that I should follow the Wechat account named Discover Shaanxi and leave the message about how I would like to take part in the Huashan Trip. Therefore, I did as he said, and I was chosen finally. I was really excited at that time, because I know Mount. Hua is the most ideal place to climb up, although there will be a long distance to get there, it worth trying.


We took the cable car to climb up the North Peak, during which we experienced the dangerous cliff and the major scenic spots.

编辑: 张珂