Li Wei:My Huashan Trip


时间:2018-06-25 11:09:36


Mount. Hua is well-known for its narrow paths, steep cliff and natural views. Five main peaks are the representative scenic spots of Mount. Hua, each peak has its own charm. We climbed to the top of the North Peak and the West Peak. We know that Mount. Hua is also the hometown of influential Taoism temples, there were lots of emperors came to hold Taoism activities which made this place the attraction of Taoism.



However, we also met some difficulties, such as the rain and tiredness. But we always remember that ‘you will see the rainbow after experiencing the wind and the rain’. Actually we had a great time. This trip not only made me relaxed, but also released pressure.


The famous and magnificent mountains and the attractive scenery make Mount. Hua very worth visiting!



In a word, I will always remember this trip, it is the best and the most unforgettable experience. I regret that I haven’t been to Mount. Hua before. This Huashan trip is beyond my expectation. Don’t miss this kind of opportunities to enjoy the beauty of Shaanxi!

编辑: 张珂