Fun Facts about New Yorkers


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Do you think you know what being a New Yorker is all about? Do you think that just being able to name a place in New York other than Times Square makes you better than the other tourist losers? Fugghedaboutit! In this DiscoverShaanxi exclusive, I will give you eight facts to make sure you don’t look too stupid when you visit the greatest city in the world.



Kevin is an American-born-Chinese who studies at a university in New York. Couple months ago he came to Xi’an to study Chinese for a period of time at Shaanxi Normal University. In this article, Kevin is introducing you a different New York that you will not learn from travel guides!


This is a new series named Discover Different World of DiscoverShaanxi. You will see something you may not know about other side of the world. All of the information is from our subscribers of the country. We will provide a platform on which you can present your country.


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