18 Trips with Us, a Weekend Travel Guide


时间:2018-07-10 16:58:53

Starting from last October, we have been organizing weekend trips for international students to travel all over Shaanxi with us. Hopefully through these trips, more people would know about the beautiful scenery, historical sites, traditional customs and snacks, yet attracting more people to travel or live in Shaanxi. Till last month, this series of events has come to an end. Today we’ll share you some photos of our trips and people who joined will let you know…


Where to go in Shaanxi


if you’ve got one or two days’ vacation


Yuan Village袁家村


Yuan Village locates in Liquan county, Xianyang, 50km away from Xi’an. It’s a tourism village where you can experience the traditional central Shaanxi customs and taste Shaanxi local food and snacks.




I had been to Yuan village 6 years ago. During the trip, I have found many changes of the village. Now Yuan village is much larger in area and more popular. This time in Yuan village, I also found its modern part. There are many coffee shops and bars now which I thought only can be seen in cities. By the way, if you visited this place, you have to try their homemade yogurt!


编辑: 张珂