18 Trips with Us, a Weekend Travel Guide


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Shangluo is located in the southeast of Shaanxi, it is named after Shang Mountain and Luo River. It has beautiful natural scenery like Jinsi Canyon and Dan River, as well as historical site like Dihua Ancient Town.



China is a land of diverse yet scenic landscapes. Lush green forests and beautiful valleys with sparkling water running downhill, lovely lakes and rivers are common sightings in China but Shanglou is something different. Shanglou is the most picturesque valley of China. Landscape of Sanglou is Superb. I had seen Canyons of different countries but Shanglou is spectacular. Cool breeze over the Lotus pound of Shanglou and scenic beauty take us into a world of peaceful imagination where you can sit for hours enjoying nature.


Among all the abovementioned places


Where do you want to visit the most?


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