18 Trips with Us, a Weekend Travel Guide


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Tongchuan is located in the middle of Shaanxi, 70km away from Xi’an. Chenlu ancient town, the landmark of Tongchuan, is the only Yaozhou Kiln that has been in operation till today since Song and Yuan dynasties.



Most of the foreigners living in Xi'an may not aware of some of spectacular places to visit in rural Shaanxi which are rich in culture, history and scenic aspect, Chenlu Town is one of those places. Chenlu formed its distinctive rural features during the long history of ceramic making. Pots make its village walls, and ceramic pieces make the roads. There are some ceramic workshop where you can watch the process of making porcelain and drawing patterns.


Cave dwellings are the local old houses. Here is an interesting fact, the yard of a person’s cave house is often the cave roof of another person's cave house. Connected with each other, these cave dwellings look like hives. People in Chenlu still live in caves as their ancestors did. The unique architecture styles and local customs are really very interesting to any new comer.


编辑: 张珂