18 Trips with Us, a Weekend Travel Guide


时间:2018-07-10 16:58:53



Baoji is reputed as the home of Yan Emperor, legendary ruler of primitive China and also the home of bronze wares. It has the largest bronze ware museum in China and the famous royal Famen Dagoba.



Stepping into the dagoba, I was shocked when I saw the Buddhist relics of Buddha Shakyamuni. This sacred place is like a wisdom light that endows me a mysterious power and leads me away from the outside world. The appearance of the museum represents the architectural style of Zhou and Qin dynasties. And marvelous bronze wares from ancient times are collected here. Walking in the museum with so many articles from the ancient time, I feel like I’m traveling back to the glorious Zhou and Qin dynasties.


编辑: 张珂