18 Trips with Us, a Weekend Travel Guide


时间:2018-07-10 16:58:53



Xi’an, also reputed as Chang’an, is an ancient capital famous for its profound history and culture. Dayan Pagoda, The City Wall and Muslim Street etc. are the landmarks.



If you’re into history, you won’t regret visiting Xi’an city wall. It is one of my favorite attractions, having a bike ride on a Sunday morning is a must-do. You can not only enjoy the architecture of the most complete city wall all over China but you can also feel like an ancient warrior guarding the city from invaders.



If you’re fond of delicious food, don’t miss to have a walk in the Muslim quarter. There, the snacks are extremely tasty. I strongly recommend the “Yang Rou Pao Mo”. It is a trademark snack of Xi’an made of crumbled bread in mutton stew. It is extremely savory especially with chili paste, the flavored spices and a couple of salted sweet garlic.


编辑: 张珂