Finger-Licking Good Barbecues in Xi’an


时间:2018-07-31 16:24:27


If you’ve tried barbecue in China, you’d know that Chinese barbecue is nothing like any other kinds you’ve seen before. Now here’s a good chance to know about Chinese barbecues. Recently a documentary of Chinese barbecue-The story of Chuaner is trending on internet, which talks about almost all kinds of domestic barbecues in China from common ones as grilled pork, beef, lamb and oyster to weird ones as pig brain, pork eyes and silkworm chrysalis…



Hope you’ll not be frightened by the weird barbecue materials! If you are interested, you can find this documentary with the full 6 episodes on Youtube and It doesn’t matter whether you are able to understand the Chinese subtitles, you’ll surely be attracted by the delicious food.


Xichang grilled porket



Zhanjiang grilled oyster



Yunnan barbecue


编辑: 张珂